About My Symbol
Rees Chapman, Ph.D.

My symbol is my own creation, first concocted in the late 1990s.  I knew I didn't want any transparent skulls depicting brains, in that I feared people might assume that I favor mentalist therapies such as cognitive-behavioral, or that neuropsychological assessment is my primary professional activity.  My emphasis on affective-focus therapies might suggest a heart image, although I resisted making that the main component, in that I prefer a holistic view of people which integrates emotional, ideational, and organismic processes.
So I dooddled with Harvard Graphics, and after beginning with a heart core image, I began encircling it with curving lines.  In doing so, I created spiriling patterns above suggesting gyri and sulci of the brain in symmetrical lobes, as well as the convolutions of the intestines in the torso below.  The opening in the very bottom has a certain projective salience that I won't discuss here, although I will insist that it was a result of the patterns' graphic closure, not any deliberate subliminal suggestiveness.
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