provide psychotherapy to the following clients using the following therapeutic approaches:

Psychotherapy includes you and I discussing important feelings, thoughts and behaviors in your life.  Thoroughly discussing these over time can help you realize possibilities you may not have considered before. Talking about painful feelings can also help relieve them to some degree.  I generally give little in the way of specific advice; instead, I assist you in examining yourself and your life both critically and lovingly, then help you consider changes and/or improvements you can make, perhaps experimenting with different ways of feeling, thinking and acting.

In behavioral therapy, I generally encourage the parents' efforts to empower themselves by providing contingencies (rewards and limits) in response to specific target behaviors.  Typically, this involves reinforcing positive and productive actions by the child or adolescent (using what I call a Success Sheet), while limiting the power given to problematic behaviors.

Psychotherapy requires a great deal from you and can also provide great rewards. You can expect to have my full attention during your session time, except in rare emergency situations. Your benefits will be greater to the degree that you arrive for each session having thought about what you want to gain from therapy.

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