An opportunity for college and graduate students to work in the office of a local clinical psychologist in private practice, applying knowledge and skills in a supervised setting to develop professional services of assessment, counseling, and/or practice management, is available.  Requirements and responsibilities will vary in terms of the particular professional focus desired by the practicum student and appropriate for his or her knowledge and skills.  Activities may be drawn from these areas:

Prerequisites will vary by practicum focus and responsibility, but will generally include senior status and completion of Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and one of the following: Advanced General Psychology, Introduction to the Profession of Psychology, Health Psychology, Individual Differences

Practicum students emphasizing psychological or neuropsychological assessment should have completed Psychological Testing and one of the following: Human Growth and Development, Physiological Psychology

Practicum students emphasizing counseling should have completed Counseling & Clinical Theories & Interventions

Liability insurance
must be obtained by the practicum student. 

are available and negotiable for advanced students only.

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